China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development

China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development

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Edited by: Ross Garnaut, Jane Golley orcid, Ligang Song orcid

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China has made some remarkable achievements during the first three decades of  economic reform and opening up, rising to become one of the world’s most dynamic and globally-integrated market economies. Yet there remains much unfinished business on the reform and development agenda, coupled with newly emerging challenges. China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development highlights how the deepening of reforms in critical areas such as domestic factor markets, the exchange rate regime and the health system, combined with the strengthening of channels for effective policy implementation, will enable China to cope with the challenges that lie ahead. These include responding to the pending exhaustion of the unlimited supply of labour; playing a constructive role in reducing global trade imbalances; enhancing firms’ ability to innovate; coping with migration, urbanisation and rising inequalities on scales unknown in world history; and dealing with rising energy and metal demand in an era in which low-carbon growth has become a necessity rather than a choice.

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Jul 2010
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ANU Press
China Update Series
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration
East Asia: China

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China: The Next Twenty Years of Reform and Development »

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  1. Chinese economic reform and development: achievements, emerging challenges and unfinished tasks (PDF, 158KB)Jane Golley and Ligang Song doi

Part I. Long–Term Development: Trends and Issues

  1. The turning period in China’s economic development: a conceptual framework and next empirical evidence (PDF, 175KB)Ross Garnaut doi
  2. The China model and its future (PDF, 157KB)Yang Yao doi
  3. How will China’s central–local governmental relationships evolve? An analytical framework and its implications (PDF, 175KB)Yongsheng Zhang doi
  4. China’s metal intensity in comparative perspective (PDF, 560KB)Huw McKay, Yu Sheng and Ligang Song doi
  5. Assessing China’s energy conservation and carbon intensity: how will the future differ from the past? (PDF, 331KB)ZhongXiang Zhang doi
  6. Prospects for diminishing regional disparities (PDF, 299KB) – Jane Golley doi

Part II. Global Integration: Challenges and Opportunities

  1. Exchange rate policy and macroeconomic adjustment (PDF, 164KB)Geng Xiao doi
  2. The real exchange rate and the renminbi (PDF, 1.0MB)Rod Tyers and Ying Zhang doi
  3. China and East Asian trade: the decoupling fallacy, crisis and policy challenges (PDF, 852KB)Prema-chandra Athukorala and Archanun Kohpaiboon doi
  4. Asian foreign direct investment and the ‘China effect’ (PDF, 366KB)Chunlai Chen doi
  5. The global financial crisis and rural–urban migration (PDF, 1.5MB)Sherry Tao Kong, Xin Meng and Dandan Zhang doi

Part III. Policy and Reform: Unfinished Business

  1. Avoiding economic crashes on China’s road to prosperity (PDF, 353KB) – Wing Thye Woo doi
  2. Rebalancing China’s economic structure (PDF, 1.1MB) – Yiping Huang and Bijun Wang doi
  3. Urbanisation with Chinese characteristics (PDF, 912KB)Cai Fang and Meiyan Wang doi
  4. Indigenous innovation for sustainable growth (PDF, 1.3MB) – Yanrui Wu doi
  5. China’s health system and the next 20 years of reform (PDF, 525KB)Ryan Manuel doi

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