About ANU Press

What We Do

ANU Press is the first and largest open-access university press in the world. Our authors publish peer-reviewed research on a broad range of topics including Asia and Pacific studies, Australian politics, humanities, arts, Indigenous studies and science. Launched in 2004, ANU Press prides itself on its innovation in the area of open-access scholarship. To date, ANU Press has published over 1,000 publications, all of which are freely available on this website.

Our Vision

To be a world-class publisher enabling the university’s goal of societal transformation.

Our Purpose

To produce publications that support the furthering of education and dissemination of knowledge.

Why choose ANU Press?

Year on year, ANU Press titles reach a growing audience of academics, students and researchers. In 2020, ANU Press titles surpassed 5 million downloads, a new record for the Press. Situated within The Australian National University, ANU Press collaborates with expert editorial boards to produce to high-quality publications in accessible timeframes. ANU Press welcomes submissions from all academics; authors are not required to be affiliated with The Australian National University to be published by ANU Press.

Our open-access publishing practices ensure our publications are available to a diverse global audience, which includes those who are otherwise unable to access quality academia due to a lack of resources.

ANU Press is recognised by the Department of Industry as a commercial publisher, enabling ANU Press authors to gain full recognition under the Higher Education Research Data Collection scheme.

Diversity and inclusivity

The Australian National University is committed to being a standard-bearer for equity and inclusion. ANU Press seeks to reflect this commitment in its publications and encourages authors and editors to consider whether their works meet this commitment when submitting a book proposal to ANU Press. See the ANU 2025 Strategic Plan (PDF, 1.4MB) for more information on the University’s stance on diversity and inclusion.

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