China: A New Model for Growth and Development

China: A New Model for Growth and Development

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Edited by: Ross Garnaut, Cai Fang, Ligang Song orcid

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The Chinese economy is undergoing profound change in policy and structure. The change is necessary to increase the value of growth to the Chinese community, and to sustain growth into the future. The changes are so comprehensive and profound that they represent a new model of Chinese economic growth. This book describes the replacement of an old uninhibited investment expansion model of growth, by transition to modern economic growth and provides insights into recent changes and where they are likely to lead. These include requirements for building the new institutions including its public finances for future growth, adjustments in its savings, industry and agriculture, changes in its demographic structure, business environment, and pattern of rural-urban migration, prospects for ‘green growth’, its energy policy trilemma and the climate change mitigation strategy, and changes for China’s interaction with the international economy through its overseas investment and trade in high tech products. China’s adoption of a new model of economic growth is of immense importance to people in China and everywhere. This book is an early attempt to take a close look at many of the features of the new model.


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Jul 2013
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ANU Press
China Update Series
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration
East Asia: China

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China: A New Model for Growth and Development »

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  1. China’s New Strategy for Long-term Growth and Development (PDF, 183KB) – Ross Garnaut, Cai Fang and Ligang Song doi
  2. New Institutions for a New Development Model (PDF, 105KB) – Dwight H. Perkins doi
  3. The New Normal of Chinese Development (PDF, 1.1MB) – Yiping Huang, Cai Fang, Peng Xu and Gou Qin doi
  4. The End of China’s Demographic Dividend (PDF, 875KB) – Cai Fang and Lu Yang doi
  5. Chinese Industrialisation (PDF, 1.1MB) – Huw McKay and Ligang Song doi
  6. China’s Saving and Global Economic Performance (PDF, 2.6MB) – Rod Tyers, Ying Zhang and Tsun Se Cheong doi
  7. Growing into an Innovative Economy (PDF, 1.6MB) – Yixiao Zhou doi
  8. China’s Agricultural Development (PDF, 612KB) – Li Zhou doi
  9. Rural–Urban Migration (PDF, 1.1MB) – Xin Meng doi
  10. Reforming China’s Public Finances for Long-term Growth (PDF, 344KB) – Christine Wong doi
  11. Changing Business Environment in China (PDF, 2.7MB) – Xiaolu Wang, Jingwen Yu and Fan Gang doi
  12. Will Chinese Industry Ever Be ‘Green’? (PDF, 1.6MB) – Shiyi Chen and Jane Golley doi
  13. Can China Achieve Green Growth? (PDF, 96KB) – Yongsheng Zhang doi
  14. China’s Climate Change Mitigation in International Context (PDF, 1.7MB) – Ross Garnaut doi
  15. China’s Energy Demand Growth and the Energy Policy Trilemma (PDF, 919KB) – Simon Wensley, Stephen Wilson and Jane Kuang doi
  16. Financial Constraints on Chinese Outward Direct Investment by the Private Sector (PDF, 2.1MB) – Bijun Wang, Miaojie Yu and Yiping Huang doi
  17. Determinants of Chinese Exports in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Products (PDF, 594KB) – Kunwang Li and Bingzhan Shi doi

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