The Chinese Communist Party

The Chinese Communist Party

A 100-Year Trajectory

Edited by: Jérôme Doyon orcid, Chloé Froissart orcid

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This volume brings together an international team of prominent scholars from a range of disciplines, with the aim of investigating the many facets of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year trajectory. It combines a level of historical depth mostly found in single-authored monographs with the thematic and disciplinary breadth of an edited volume. This work stands out for its long-term and multiscale approach, offering complex and nuanced insights, eschewing any Party grand narrative, and unravelling underlying trends and logics, composed of adaption but also contradictions, resistance and sometimes setbacks, that may be overlooked when focusing on the short term.

Rather than putting forward an overall argument about the nature of the Party, the many perspectives presented in this volume highlight the complex internal dynamics of the Party, the diversity of its roles in relation to the state, as well as in its interaction with society beyond the state. Our historical approach stresses impermanence beyond the apparent permanence of the Party’s organisation and ideology while also bringing to light the recycling of past practices and strategies. Looking at the Party’s evolution over time shows how its founding structures and objectives have had a long-lasting impact as well as how they have been tweaked and rearranged to adapt to the new economic and social environment the Party contributed to creating.


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Jan 2024
ANU Press
Arts & Humanities: History; Social Sciences
East Asia: China

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I. Organisational Trajectory

  1. Organisation and (Lack of) Democracy in the Chinese Communist Party: A Critical Reading of the Successive Iterations of the Party Constitution (PDF, 386 KB)Jean-Pierre Cabestan doi
  2. Decoupled State, Hollowed Civil Society: The Shifting Party-State-Society Nexus (PDF, 368 KB)Patricia M. Thornton doi
  3. The Chinese Communist Party as a Global Force (PDF, 370 KB)Frank N. Pieke doi

II. Ideological Bricolage

  1. Intellectuals and Ideological Governance of the Chinese Communist Party (PDF, 333 KB)Timothy Cheek doi
  2. Shades of Red: Changing Understandings of Political Loyalty in the Chinese Communist Party, 1921–2021 (PDF, 617 KB)Jérôme Doyon and Long Yang doi
  3. The United Front: The Magic Weapon of the Chinese Communist Party’s Metamorphoses (PDF, 363 KB)Emmanuel Jourda doi
  4. Knowing and Feeling the ‘China Dream’: Logic and Rhetoric in the Political Language of Xi’s China (PDF, 336 KB)Kerry Brown doi

III. China’s Path to Modernisation and Its Challenges

  1. ‘Whatever It Takes’: The Political Economy of the Chinese Communist Party (PDF, 357 KB)Shaun Breslin and Giuseppe Gabusi doi
  2. From War on Nature to War on Pollution: Continuity and Change in the Chinese Communist Party’s Ecological Agenda (PDF, 439 KB)Coraline Goron and Genia Kostka doi
  3. Adapting the Hukou to Modernise the Country While Maintaining Social Polarisation and Stratification (PDF, 389 KB)Chloé Froissart doi
  4. Capitalist Agrarian Change and the End of the Revolutionary Peasant Dialectic: Chinese Communist Party Rural Policies in Long‑Term Perspective (PDF, 349 KB)Alexander F. Day doi
  5. The Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Bourgeoisie (1949–present): From First Alliance to Repression and Contemporary Mutual Dependence (PDF, 350 KB)Gilles Guiheux doi

IV. Territorial Control and Nation-Building

  1. ‘Unity within Diversity’: The Chinese Communist Party’s Construction of the Chinese Nation (PDF, 377 KB)Vanessa Frangville doi
  2. The Integration of Xinjiang into the Chinese Nation-State: Controlling Minority Representations and Fighting against Political Contestation (PDF, 388 KB)Rémi Castets doi
  3. From Making Friends to Countering Threats: The Changing Contours of United Front Work in Hong Kong (PDF, 931 KB)Samson Yuen and Edmund W. Cheng doi
  4. The Chinese Communist Party’s Unfulfilled ‘Taiwan Dream’ (PDF, 371 KB)Gunter Schubert doi

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