A New Era?

A New Era?

Timor-Leste after the UN

Edited by: Sue Ingram, Lia Kent orcid, Andrew McWilliam orcid

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Timor-Leste has made impressive progress since its historic achievement of independence in 2002. From the instability that blighted its early years, the fledgling democratic country has achieved strong economic growth and a gradual reinstatement of essential social services. A decade on in 2012, Presidential and Parliamentary elections produced smooth political transitions and the extended UN peacekeeping presence in the country came to an end. But significant challenges remain. This book, a product of the inaugural Timor-Leste Update held at The Australian National University in 2013 to mark the end of Timor-Leste’s first decade as a new nation, brings together a vibrant collection of papers from leading and emerging scholars and policy analysts.

Collectively, the chapters provide a set of critical reflections on recent political, economic and social developments in Timor-Leste. The volume also looks to the future, highlighting a range of transitions, prospects and undoubted challenges facing the nation over the next 5–10 years. Key themes that inform the collection include nation-building in the shadow of history, trends in economic development, stability and social cohesion, and citizenship, democracy and social inclusion. The book is an indispensable guide to contemporary Timor-Leste.

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A New Era? »

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  1. Introduction: Building the Nation: Legacies and Challenges for Timor‑Leste (PDF, 117KB) – Sue Ingram, Lia Kent and Andrew McWilliam doi

Part One: Building A Nation‑State in the Shadow of History

  1. The Challenges of Nation‑State Building (PDF, 111KB) – Agio Pereira doi
  2. Past, Present and Future: Why the Past Matters (PDF, 100KB) – Fidelis Magalhães doi
  3. The Politics of History in Timor-Leste (PDF, 126KB) – Michael Leach doi
  4. Challenges to the Consolidation of Democracy (PDF, 97KB) – Rui Graça Feijó doi

Part Two: Trends in Economic Development

  1. Can the Petroleum Fund Exorcise the Resource Curse from Timor-Leste? (PDF, 1.7MB) – Charles Scheiner doi
  2. Progress and Challenges of Infrastructure Spending in Timor-Leste (PDF, 384KB) – Antonio Vitor doi
  3. Securing a New Ordering of Power in Timor-Leste: The Role of Sub‑national Spending (PDF, 450KB) – Saku Akmeemana and Doug Porter doi
  4. ‘Empty Land’? The Politics of Land in Timor-Leste (PDF, 384KB) – Meabh Cryan doi

Part Three: Stability and Peace-Building

  1. After Xanana: Challenges for Stability (PDF, 111KB) – Cillian Nolan doi
  2. Rethinking Governance and Security in Timor-Leste (PDF, 637KB) – Damian Grenfell doi
  3. Building Social Cohesion from Below: Learning from the Laletek (Bridge) Project 2010–12 (PDF, 454KB) – Catharina Maria doi

Part Four: Citizens, Inequalities and Migration

  1. A Social Movement as an Antidote to Corruption (PDF, 98KB) – Adérito de Jesus Soares doi
  2. The Veterans’ Valorisation Scheme: Marginalising Women’s Contributions to the Resistance (PDF, 104KB) – Lia Kent and Naomi Kinsella doi
  3. Rural–Urban Inequalities and Migration in Timor-Leste (PDF, 101KB) – Andrew McWilliam doi
  4. Assessing the Implementation and Impact of Timor-Leste’s Cash Payment Schemes (PDF, 119KB) – Joanne Wallis doi
  5. Displacement and Informal Repatriation in a Rural Timorese Village (PDF, 252KB) – Pyone Myat Thu doi

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