Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Asia Pacific

Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Asia Pacific

Edited by: Adam Triggs, Shujiro Urata orcid
Series: PAFTAD

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The world’s developed economies are experiencing a sharp backlash against globalisation, and it appears to be contagious. Will Asia catch it next? Asia has seen spectacular growth in recent decades. It has benefited substantially from global trade, finance, openness and the rules-based international order. But much of the growth Asia has enjoyed has not been shared. It has not been inclusive growth. Inequality in Asia is among the highest in the world. The richest man in Vietnam now earns more in a single day than the poorest person does in a decade. Asia has far to go in making its societies more inclusive to women, ethnic minorities and the LGBT community. How can Asia reduce inequality? What are the forces that determine whether growth in the Asia Pacific is inclusive or not? And what can be done to make Asia’s growth more inclusive in the future? This book brings together the region’s leading thinkers to explore how to change Asia’s trajectory, before it is too late.

The Pacific Trade and Development (PAFTAD) conference series has been at the forefront of analysing challenges facing the economies of East Asia and the Pacific since its first meeting in Tokyo in January 1968.


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Aug 2020
ANU Press
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration
East Asia: China; Pacific; South Asia: India; Southeast Asia: Indonesia

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Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Asia Pacific »

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  1. Introduction (PDF, 0.4MB)Adam Triggs and Shujiro Urata doi
  2. Economic theory and practical lessons for measuring equality of opportunity in the Asia–Pacific region (PDF, 0.9MB)Miles Corak doi
  3. Measuring wealth: Implications for sustainable development (PDF, 0.3MB)Kevin J Mumford doi
  4. Rising inequality amid rapid growth in Asia and implications for policy (PDF, 0.4MB)Juzhong Zhuang doi
  5. Openness and inclusive growth in South-East Asia (PDF, 0.5MB)Aekapol Chongvilaivan doi
  6. Automation, the future of work and income inequality in the Asia–Pacific region (PDF, 1.9MB)Yixiao Zhou doi
  7. History returns: Intergenerational mobility of education in China in 1930–2010 (PDF, 1.3MB)Yang Yao and Zhi-An Hu doi
  8. Inequality and intergenerational mobility in India (PDF, 1.1MB)Himanshu doi
  9. Intergenerational equity under increasing longevity (PDF, 5.3MB)Sumio Saruyama, Saeko Maeda, Ryo Hasumi and Kazuki Kuroiwa doi
  10. Female labour force participation in Indonesia: Why has it stalled? (PDF, 0.6MB)Lisa Cameron, Diana Contreras Suarez and William Rowell doi
  11. Conclusion (PDF, 0.1MB)Adam Triggs and Shujiro Urata doi

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