The Poetic Power of Place

The Poetic Power of Place

Comparative Perspectives on Austronesian Ideas of Locality

Edited by: James J. Fox orcid

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This collection of papers is the fourth in a series of volumes on the work of the Comparative Austronesian Project. Each paper describes a specific Austronesian locality and offers an ethnographic account of the way in which social knowledge is vested, maintained and transformed in a particular landscape. The intention of the volume is to consider common patterns in the representation of place among Austronesian-speaking populations.


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Sep 2006
ANU Press
Comparative Austronesian Series
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies; Social Sciences: Anthropology
Africa: Madagascar; Pacific: Papua New Guinea; Southeast Asia: Indonesia

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  1. Place and Landscape in Comparative Austronesian Perspective (PDF, 246KB)James J. Fox doi
  2. The Water That Blesses, The River That Flows: Place And The Ritual Imagination Among The Temanambondro Of Southeast Madagascar (PDF, 181KB)Philip Thomas doi
  3. Remembering Origins: Ancestors And Places In The Gumai Society Of South Sumatra (PDF, 228KB)Minako Sakai doi
  4. The Contested Landscapes of Myth and History in Tana Toraja (PDF, 262KB)Roxana Waterson doi
  5. Genealogy and Topogeny: Towards an ethnography of Rotinese ritual place names (PDF, 230KB)James J. Fox doi
  6. Mapping With Metaphor: Cultural topographies in West Timor (PDF, 168KB)Andrew McWilliam doi
  7. Knowing Your Place: Representing relations of precedence and origin on the Buru landscape (PDF, 197KB)Barbara Dix Grimes doi
  8. Speaking of Places: Spatial poesis and localized identity in Buli (PDF, 329KB)Nils Bubandt doi
  9. From the Poetics of Place to the Politics of Space: Redefining Cultural Landscapes on Damer, Maluku Tenggara (PDF, 139KB)Sandra Pannell doi
  10. Seating the Place: Tropes of body, movement and space for the people of Lelet Plateau, New Ireland (Papua New Guinea) (PDF, 200KB)Richard Eves doi

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