China: New Engine of World Growth

China: New Engine of World Growth

Edited by: Ross Garnaut, Ligang Song orcid

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Twenty-five years of reform have transformed China from a centrally planned and closed system to a predominantly market-driven and open economy. As a consequence, China is emerging as the new powerhouse for the world economy. China: new engine for world growth discusses the impact and significance of this transformation. It points out risks to the growth process and unfinished tasks of reform. It presents conclusions from recent research on growth, trade and investment, the financial sector, income and regional disparities, industrial location and private sector development.

This work, originally published by Asia Pacific Press, is reproduced here in the interests of maintaining open access to high-quality academic works no longer in print.


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Dec 2012
First published by Asia Pacific Press
ANU Press
China Update Series
Business & Economics
East Asia

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Macroeconomic performance and new challenges

  1. China: New engine of world growth (PDF, 956KB)Ross Gamaut doi
  2. The impact of SARS (PDF, 683KB)Jong-Wha Lee and Warwick J. McKibbin doi
  3. The travails of current macroeconomic and exchange rate management (PDF, 1.6MB)Wing Thye Woo doi
  4. The changing pattern of economic growth (PDF, 804KB)Yiping Huang doi

Financial system reform: an unfinished task

  1. Transforming the banking sector (PDF, 580KB)Yiping Huang doi
  2. Financial opening and economic growth: A quantitative assessment (PDF, 826KB)Jordan Shan doi
  3. Rural financial markets and institutions: New developments (PDF, 1.1MB)Enjiang Cheng doi

Foreign trade, trade policy and FDI

  1. Entry into the WTO: Commitments and implementation (PDF, 514KB)Geoff Raby doi
  2. WTO commitment: Further marketisation and trade liberalisation (PDF, 497KB)Jiadong Tong doi
  3. A changing role in world trade (PDF, 1.2MB)Ugang Song and Sizhong Sun doi
  4. China and the world economy: The FTA strategy (PDF, 680KB)Christopher Findlay doi

Sectoral impact and policy adjustment

  1. Location determinants and provincial distribution of FDI (PDF, 1.3MB)Chen Chuniai doi
  2. The impact of urbanisation on economic growth (PDF, 659KB)Xiaolu Wang and Ronald Cuncan doi
  3. Trade reform, macroeconomic policy and sectoral labour movement (PDF, 2.1MB)Jennifer Chang and Rod Tyers doi
  4. Internet development (PDF, 1.1MB)Fang-Fang Tang doi

Income distribution and social security

  1. Accession to WTO and foreign pharmaceutical firms’ business opportunities (PDF, 740KB)Yifeng Wu doi
  2. Political capital and wealth accumulation (PDF, 600KB)Meng Xin doi
  3. Reforms and challenges of the social security system (PDF, 1.2MB)Qun Shi doi

Enterprise reform and regional development

  1. The National Social Security Fund (PDF, 708KB)Tim Murton doi
  2. Building modern enterprises: Challenges and requirements (PDF, 1.0MB)Mei Wen doi
  3. Challenges facing small private enterprises (PDF, 819KB)Kim Houghton and lan Cavies doi
  4. Industrial location and regional development (PDF, 1.4MB)Jane Golley doi
  5. Government transfer payments and regional development (PDF, 1.1MB)Tingsong Jiang and Zhao doi

China’s role in the world

  1. A new engine for pragmatism in the international security order? (PDF, 1.2MB)Greg Austin doi

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