Edited by: Jane Golley orcid, Linda Jaivin

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A ‘moderately prosperous society’ with no Chinese individual left behind—that’s the vision for China set out by Chinese President Xi Jinping in a number of important speeches in 2017. ‘Moderate’ prosperity may seem like a modest goal for a country with more billionaires (609 at last count) than the US. But the ‘China Story’ is a complex one. The China Story Yearbook 2017: Prosperity surveys the important events, pronouncements, and personalities that defined 2017. It also presents a range of perspectives, from the global to the individual, the official to the unofficial, from mainland China to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Together, the stories present a richly textured portrait of a nation that in just forty years has lifted itself from universal poverty to (unequally distributed) wealth, changing itself and the world in the process.


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Apr 2018
ANU Press
China Story Yearbook
Australian Centre on China in the World
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies; Social Sciences: Politics & International Studies, Social Policy & Administration
East Asia: China

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Forum · 富, 福, AND 福

Chapter 1

Forum · The Culture of Money

Chapter 2

Forum · Borderlands

Chapter 3

Forum · Power Plays

Chapter 4

Forum · All I Have to do is Dream

Chapter 5

Forum · Conspicuous Consumption

Chapter 6

Forum · You Can't Take it With You

Chapter 7

Forum · Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 8

Forum · Those Less Fortunate

Chapter 9

Forum · A Commemoration and a Celebration

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