Pacific Island Heritage

Pacific Island Heritage

Archaeology, Identity & Community

Edited by: Jolie Liston, Geoffrey Clark orcid, Dwight Alexander

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‘This volume emerges from a ground-breaking conference held in the Republic of Palau on cultural heritage in the Pacific. It includes bold investigations of the role of cultural heritage in identity-making, and the ways in which community engagement informs heritage management practices. This is the first broad and detailed investigation of the unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage of the Pacific from a heritage management perspective. It identifies new trends in research and assesses relationships between archaeologists, heritage managers and local communities. The methods which emerge from these relationships will be critical to the effective management of heritage sites in the 21st century. A wonderful book which emerges from an extraordinary conference. Essential reading for cultural heritage managers, archaeologists and others with an interest in caring for the unique cultural heritage of the Pacific Islands.’

— Professor Claire Smith, President World Archaeological Congress


ISBN (print):
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Publication date:
Nov 2011
Terra Australis 35
ANU Press
Terra Australis
Arts & Humanities: Archaeology, History; Social Sciences: Anthropology
Australia; Pacific: Fiji, Micronesia, New Zealand, Samoa

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Prehistory and identity

  1. Identity and alternative versions of the past in New Zealand (PDF, 201KB) – Geoffrey Clark doi
  2. The Latte Period in Marianas prehistory: Who is interpreting it, why and how? (PDF, 472KB) – Rosalind L. Hunter-Anderson doi
  3. Reinventing tradition: Archaeology in Samoa (PDF, 154KB) – Unasa L.F. Va’a doi

Community engagement

  1. On cultural factors and Marine Managed Areas in Fiji (PDF, 285KB) – Joeli Veitayaki, Akosita D.R. Nakoro, Tareguci Sigarua and Nanise Bulai doi
  2. The Guampedia experience: Creating a community online historical and cultural resource (PDF, 601KB) – Shannon Murphy doi
  3. Plants, people and culture in the villages of Oikull and Ibobang, Republic of Palau (PDF, 2.5MB) – Ann Hillmann Kitalong, Michael J. Balick, Faustina Rehuher, Meked Besebes, Sholeh Hanser, Kiblas Soaladaob, Gemma Ngirchobong, Flora Wasisang, Wayne Law, Roberta Lee, Van Ray Tadeo, Clarence Kitalong and Christopher Kitalong doi

Heritage management

  1. Selecting cultural sites for the UNESCO World Heritage List: Recent work in the Rock Islands–Southern Lagoon area, Republic of Palau (PDF, 975KB) – Christian Reepmeyer, Geoffrey Clark, Dwight Alexander, Ilebrang U. Olkeriil, Jolie Liston and Ann Hillmann Kitalong doi
  2. The complexity of an archaeological site in Samoa: The past in the present (PDF, 3.7MB) – Helene Martinsson-Wallin doi
  3. Is a village a village if no one lives there? Negotiated histories on Mabuyag in the Western Torres Strait (PDF, 2.4MB) – Duncan Wright and the Goemulgan Kod doi

Oral traditions and archaeology

  1. Paths to knowledge: Connecting experts in oral histories and archaeology (PDF, 5.0MB) – Karen L. Nero doi
  2. Dynamic settlement, landscape modification, resource utilisation and the value of oral traditions in Palauan archaeology (PDF, 2.7MB) – David M. Snyder, W. Bruce Masse and James Carucci doi
  3. Oral tradition and archaeology: Palau’s earth architecture (PDF, 4.2MB) – Jolie Liston and Melson Miko doi

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