Information Systems Foundations: The Role of Design Science

Information Systems Foundations: The Role of Design Science

Edited by: Dennis Hart, Shirley Gregor orcid

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This volume presents papers from the fourth biennial Information Systems Foundation Workshop, held at The Australian National University in Canberra from 2–3 October, 2008. The focus of the workshop was, as for the others in the series, the foundations of Information Systems as an academic discipline. The emphasis in this workshop was on the movement known as ‘Design Science’ and its importance in practical disciplines such as Information Systems. The chapters in the volume provide a critical examination of current design science ideas, with the role of human creativity given special mention. The philosophical underpinnings of design science thinking are also examined. Practically, the volume shows how the design science approach can be used in academic research that leads to artefacts that add value for individuals, organizations and society.


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Dec 2010
ANU Press
Information Systems Foundations
Business & Economics; Engineering & Computer Science: Computer Science & Information Systems

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Information Systems Foundations: The Role of Design Science »

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Philosophical Foundations

  1. Identification-interaction-innovation: a phenomenological basis for an information services view (PDF, 140KB)Dirk Hovorka and Matt Germonprez doi
  2. How critical realism clarifies validity issues in theory-testing research: analysis and case (PDF, 518KB)Robert B. Johnston and Stephen P. Smith doi

Theory and Method

  1. Building theory in a practical science (PDF, 255KB)Shirley Gregor doi
  2. Incommensurability in design science: which comes first—theory or artefact? (PDF, 267KB)Michael Davern and Alison Parkes doi
  3. An exploration of the concept of design in information systems (PDF, 546KB)Judy McKay, Peter Marshall and Greg Heath doi
  4. Evaluating information systems: an appropriation perspective (PDF, 361KB)Justin Fidock, Jennie Carroll and Anita Rynne doi


  1. On using materiality in information systems development: a research brief (PDF, 511KB)Andrea Carugati doi
  2. How IS design can contribute to a major climate change mitigation project (PDF, 314KB)Walter Fernández, Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Michael Djordjevic, Keith Lovegrove, Javier Fernández-Velasco and Mishka Talent doi
  3. An intelligent agent-assisted logistics exception management decision support system: a design-science approach (PDF, 520KB)Shijia Gao and Dongming Xu doi
  4. Thinking beyond means–ends analysis: the role of impulse-driven human creativity in the design of artificially intelligent systems (PDF, 405KB)Dongming Xu, Yonggui Wang and Sukanto Bhattacharya doi
  5. An information systems design theory for an RFID university-based laboratory (PDF, 214KB)Samuel Fosso Wamba and Katina Michael doi

Design Science in IS

  1. An assessment of DSS design science using the Hevner, March, Park and Ram guidelines (PDF, 279KB)David Arnott and Graham Pervan doi
  2. Design science in IS research: a literature analysis (PDF, 370KB)Marta Indulska and Jan Recker doi

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