Critical Australian Indigenous histories

Edited by: Ingereth Macfarlane, Mark Hannah

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This volume brings together an innovative set of readings of complex interactions between Australian Aboriginal people and colonisers. The underlying theme is that of ‘transgression’, and Michel Foucault’s account of the necessary dynamic that exists between transgression and limit. We know what constitutes the limit, not by tracing or re-stating the boundaries, but by crossing over them. By exploring the mechanisms by which limits are set and maintained, unexamined cultural assumptions and dominant ideas are illuminated. We see the expectations and the structures that inform and support them revealed, often as they unravel. Such illuminations and revelations are at the core of the Australian Indigenous histories presented in this collection.

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Publication date:
Dec 2007
Aboriginal History Monograph 16
ANU Press
Aboriginal History Monographs
Aboriginal History
Arts & Humanities: Biography & Autobiography, History; Social Sciences: Indigenous Studies

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  1. François Péron and the Tasmanians: an unrequited romance (PDF, 802KB)Shino Konishi doi
  2. Moving Blackwards: Black Power and the Aboriginal Embassy (PDF, 139KB)Kathy Lothian doi
  3. Criminal justice and transgression on northern Australian cattle stations (PDF, 166KB)Thalia Anthony doi
  4. Dreaming the circle: indigeneity and the longing for belonging in White Australia (PDF, 1.2MB)Jane Mulcock doi
  5. Resisting the captured image: how Gwoja Tjungurrayi, ‘One Pound Jimmy’, escaped the ‘Stone Age’ (PDF, 8.7MB)Jillian E Barnes doi
  6. On the romances of marriage, love and solitude: freedom and transgression in Cape York Peninsula in the early to mid twentieth century (PDF, 142KB)Jinki Trevillian doi
  7. ‘Hanging no good for blackfellow’: looking into the life of Musquito (PDF, 161KB)Naomi Parry doi
  8. Leadership: the quandary of Aboriginal societies in crises, 1788 – 1830, and 1966 (PDF, 139KB)Dennis Foley doi
  9. Sedentary topography: the impact of the Christian Mission Society’s ‘civilising’ agenda on the spatial structure of life in the Roper Region of northern Australia (PDF, 796KB)Angelique Edmonds doi
  10. Sinful enough for Jesus: guilt and Christianisation at Mapoon, Queensland (PDF, 142KB)Devin Bowles doi
  11. Corrupt desires and the wages of sin: Indigenous people, missionaries and male sexuality, 1830-1850 (PDF, 153KB)Jessie Mitchell doi

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