Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance

Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance

Edited by: Satish Chand

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This book brings together experts from around the world to consider specific issues pertaining to regional integration and governance within small states. The authors collectively address the challenges posed to small states by the quickened pace of globalisation. The lessons learnt from the experiences of small states are then used to draw policy lessons for the Pacific island countries.

Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance will be of interest and relevance to academics and advanced students of the Pacific, its history and current challenges, as well as the general reader who has an interest in the area.


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Publication date:
Nov 2005
ANU Press
Asia Pacific Press
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Development Studies, Politics & International Studies

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Pacific Islands Regional Integration and Governance »

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  1. Pacific island regional integration and governance: an overview (PDF, 39KB)Satish Chand doi
  2. Policy challenges for small economies in a globalising world (PDF, 87KB)Alan Winters doi
  3. Conceptualising and measuring economic resilience (PDF, 162KB)Lino Briguglio, Gordon Cordina, Nadia Farrugia and Stephanie Vella doi
  4. Sink or swim? Assessing the impact of agricultural trade liberalisation on small island developing states (PDF, 148KB)Luca Monge-Roffarello, Michael Swidinsky and David Vanzetti doi
  5. ‘Pooled regional governance’ in the island Pacific: lessons from history (PDF, 74KB)Greg Fry doi
  6. A common currency for the Pacific island economies? (PDF, 56KB)Ron Duncan doi
  7. Globalisation and governance: an African perspective and a case study of Mauritius (PDF, 81KB)Vinaye Ancharaz and Sanjeev K. Sobhee doi
  8. Deeper integration with Australia and New Zealand? Potential gains for Pacific island countries (PDF, 84KB)Robert Scollay doi
  9. Fishing for a future (PDF, 118KB)Hannah Parris and R. Quentin Grafton doi
  10. Developments in Pacific islands’ air transport (PDF, 126KB)Christopher Findlay, Peter Forsyth and John King doi
  11. Preference erosion: the case of Fiji sugar (PDF, 114KB)Satish Chand doi
  12. ‘Too young to marry’: economic convergence and the case against the integration of Pacific island states (PDF, 101KB)Philip T. Powell doi

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