NGOs and Post-Conflict Recovery

NGOs and Post-Conflict Recovery

The Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency, Bougainville

Edited by: Helen Hakena, Peter Ninnes, Bert Jenkins

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When government services have broken down or when international nongovernment organisations are uninterested or unable to help, grassroots non-government organisations provide important humanitarian, educational and advocacy services. Yet, too often the story of the crucial role played by these organisations in conflict and post-conflict recovery goes unheard.

The Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency provides many salutary lessons for grassroots non-government organisations undertaking peacemaking and peace-building work. In the thirteen years of its existence, it has contributed humanitarian assistance, provided education programs on peace, gender issues and community development, and has become a powerful advocate for women’s and children’s rights at all levels of society. Its work has been recognised through the award of a United Nations’ Millennium Peace Price in 2000 and a Pacific Peace Prize in 2004.

This book makes a unique contribution to understanding the role of nongovernment organisations in promoting peace and development and gender issues in the South West Pacific.


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Publication date:
Apr 2006
ANU Press
Asia Pacific Press
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies; Social Sciences: Development Studies, Gender Studies, Politics & International Studies
Pacific: Papua New Guinea

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  1. Bougainville from crisis to peace (PDF, 76KB)Peter Ninnes doi
  2. We must help ourselves (PDF, 80KB)Peter Ninnes doi
  3. Projects, partners and politics (PDF, 100KB)Peter Ninnes doi
  4. Strengthening communities for peace (PDF, 145KB)Bert Jenkins doi
  5. From peace to progress (PDF, 112KB)Bert Jenkins doi
  6. Gender, development and peace (PDF, 89KB)Peter Ninnes doi
  7. Partnerships, post-conflict development and peace-building (PDF, 107KB)Jonathan Makuwira doi
  8. Non-government organisations, peace-building and global networks (PDF, 103KB)Peter Ninnes doi
  9. Epilogue (PDF, 73KB)Helen Hakena and Agnes Titus doi

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