The state, community and the environment

Edited by: Monique Skidmore, Trevor Wilson

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Despite deteriorating economic and developmental conditions, worsening environmental problems, and troubles arising from the unresolved status of its ethnic minorities, Myanmar seems no closer to a political resolution. Myanmar’s economy continues to stagnate, with severe implications for its people. Low levels of international assistance have exacerbated the situation.

Myanmar—the state, community and the environment examines the missed opportunities by government and opposition groups to find a way out of the political impasse and improve the standard of living of the people of Myanmar.

This collection provides insights into the country’s economic development, in particular the vital rice-marketing sector and the attempts to expand existing industrial zones. It focuses, for the first time, on Myanmar’s environmental governance with in-depth case studies, and on the increasing need for effective environmental protection and sustainability.


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Publication date:
Oct 2007
ANU Press
Asia Pacific Press
Business & Economics; Social Sciences: Development Studies, Military & Defence Studies, Politics & International Studies
Southeast Asia: Burma/Myanmar

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Assessing political/military developments after the departure of Khin Nyunt

  1. The political situation in Myanmar (PDF, 114KB)Vicky Bowman doi
  2. A Burmese perspective on prospects for progress (PDF, 106KB)Khin Zaw Win doi
  3. Of kyay–zu and kyet–su: the military in 2006 (PDF, 118KB)Mary Callahan doi
  4. Conflict and displacement in Burma/Myanmar (PDF, 157KB)Ashley South doi
  5. Foreign policy as a political tool: Myanmar 2003–2006 (PDF, 140KB)Trevor Wilson doi

Assessing the economic situation after the 2001–2002 banking crisis

  1. Myanmar’s economy in 2006 (PDF, 157KB)Sean Turnell doi
  2. Transforming Myanmar’s rice marketing (PDF, 186KB)Ikuko Okamoto doi
  3. Industrial zones in Burma and Burmese labour in Thailand (PDF, 778KB)Guy Lubeigt doi

Implications of current development strategies for Myanmar’s environment

  1. Environmental governance in the SPDC’s Myanmar (PDF, 153KB)Tun Myint doi
  2. Environmental governance of mining in Burma (PDF, 148KB)Matthew Smith doi
  3. Spaces of extraction: governance along the riverine networks of Nyaunglebin District (PDF, 365KB)Ken MacLean doi
  4. Identifying conservation issues in Kachin State (PDF, 120KB)Tint Lwin Thaung doi

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