Bridging the ‘Know–Do’ Gap

Bridging the ‘Know–Do’ Gap

Knowledge brokering to improve child wellbeing

Edited by: Gabriele Bammer orcid, Annette Michaux, Ann Sanson

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Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Good health and well-being in the early years are the foundations for well-adjusted and productive adult lives and a thriving society. But children are being let down in Australia and elsewhere by the lack of knowledge transfer between the worlds of research, policy and practice. Improving such transfer is the job of knowledge brokers – the various ways they can operate are explored in this book through case examples and the lessons learned from experienced proponents. The book concludes by posing three sets of ideas to shape the future of knowledge brokering.


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Aug 2010
ANU Press
Social Sciences: Education & Training, Social Policy & Administration

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Bridging the ‘Know–Do’ Gap »

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Setting the Scene

  1. Improving the wellbeing of Australian children and youth: the importance of bridging the know–do gap (PDF, 320KB)Ann Sanson and Fiona Stanley doi

Cases of successful knowledge brokering

  1. Integrating knowledge in service delivery-land: a view from The Benevolent Society (PDF, 321KB)Annette Michaux doi
  2. Building knowledge futures for cerebral palsy: examples from The Spastic Centre (PDF, 213KB)Robyn Cummins doi
  3. Making research more relevant to policy: evidence and suggestions (PDF, 132KB)Meredith Edwards doi
  4. KnowledgExchange: a knowledge-brokering initiative in the Victorian child and family welfare sector (PDF, 168KB)Cathy Humphreys and Richard Vines doi
  5. The art and science of influence: reflections from the boundary (PDF, 192KB)Sharon Goldfeld doi
  6. Creating and implementing large-scale parenting education programs: bridging research, decision making and practice (PDF, 174KB)Linda Neuhauser doi

Future considerations

  1. From knowledge transfer to knowledge sharing? Towards better links between research, policy and practice (PDF, 201KB)Brian Head doi
  2. Knowledge, power and politics (PDF, 140KB)Michael Moore doi
  3. Expanding the deliberations about the research–policy gap: useful ideas from the literature (PDF, 271KB)Gabriele Bammer, Lyndall Strazdins, David McDonald, Helen Berry, Alison Ritter, Peter Deane and Lorrae van Kerkhoff doi

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