Annette Michaux

Annette Michaux is General Manager, Social Policy and Research at The Benevolent Society, a large non-profit organisation with the purpose of  creating caring and inclusive communities and a just society.  Annette’s role at The Benevolent Society is to drive the organisation’s focus on evidence-informed practice, research and social policy.

With a professional background in social work and adult education, Annette has held a number of senior policy and operational positions in both government and non-profits. She was the Executive Officer of the NSW Child Protection Council and a member of the senior policy team at the NSW Commission for Children and Young People.  Earlier in her career Annette worked as a child welfare officer and ran a large inner-city community centre in Sydney.

Annette is involved in a number of board and committees promoting evidence informed practice including:

  • the  Australian Social Policy Association;
  • Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth’s (ARACY)  Knowledge Brokering Network;
  • the NSW NGO Research Forum;
  • the Australasian Evaluation Society;
  • Chairing of the Australasian Evaluation Society’s 2011 International Conference.

Bridging the ‘Know–Do’ Gap »

Knowledge brokering to improve child wellbeing

Publication date: August 2010
Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. Good health and well-being in the early years are the foundations for well-adjusted and productive adult lives and a thriving society. But children are being let down in Australia and elsewhere by the lack of knowledge transfer between the worlds of research, policy and practice. Improving such transfer is the job of knowledge brokers – the various ways they can operate are explored in this book through case examples and the lessons learned from experienced proponents. The book concludes by posing three sets of ideas to shape the future of knowledge brokering.