Agriculture and Food Security in China

Agriculture and Food Security in China

What Effect WTO Accession and Regional Trade Arrangements?

Edited by: Chunlai Chen, Ron Duncan

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China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) has had profound consequences for the structure of its economy, and there will many more before the full benefits of an open trading regime will be realised.

Agriculture and Food Security in China explains the background to China’s WTO accession and links accession to reforms beginning as far back as 1979. The book highlights China’s policymakers’ decision to move away from protectionism and gain self-sufficiency, and illustrates how China’s step away from direct participation in the agricultural sector to indirect regulatory involvement and liberalisation could encourage further economic growth.

Yet not all economic growth is cost-free. Agriculture and Food Security in China explores the short-term impacts of WTO accession as well as the mid and long-term implications of greater market involvement at an economy-wide and regional level. Growing divides between coastal and inland regions—and differences in rural and urban growth—will require a better understanding of the consequences of greater market dependency.

Agriculture and Food Security in China adds to the existing knowledge of China’s agricultural growth as well as the impacts and interrelationships between WTO accession and China’s participation in other regional free trade agreements.


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Jun 2008
ANU Press
Asia Pacific Press
Business & Economics; Science: Agriculture & Forestry
East Asia: China

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  1. Achieving food security in China: implications of WTO accession (PDF, 256KB)Chunlai Chen and Ron Duncan doi
  2. Agricultural development and policy before and after China’s WTO accession (PDF, 272KB)Jikun Huang and Scott Rozelle doi
  3. China’s WTO accession: the impact on its agricultural sector and grain policy (PDF, 339KB)Feng Lu doi
  4. Rural-urban income disparity and WTO impact on China’s agricultural sector: policy considerations (PDF, 324KB)Xiaolu Wang and Ron Duncan doi
  5. The impact of WTO accession on China’s agricultural sector (PDF, 284KB)Xiaolu Wang doi
  6. The impact of China’s WTO accession on its regional economies (PDF, 362KB)Tingsong Jiang doi
  7. WTO accession and food security in China (PDF, 274KB)Tingsong Jiang doi
  8. Revisiting the economic costs of food self-sufficiency in China (PDF, 386KB)Ron Duncan, Lucy Rees and Rod Tyers doi
  9. Trade reform in the short run: China’s WTO Accession (PDF, 540KB)Rod Tyers and Lucy Rees doi
  10. Trade reform, macroeconomic policy and sectoral labour movement in China (PDF, 510KB)Jennifer Chang and Rod Tyers doi
  11. China’s agricultural trade following its WTO accession (PDF, 417KB)Chunlai Chen doi
  12. Agricultural trade between China and ASEAN: dynamics and prospects (PDF, 409KB)Jun Yang and Chunlai Chen doi
  13. The economic impact of the ASEAN–China Free Trade Area: a computational analysis with special emphasis on agriculture (PDF, 314KB)Jun Yang and Chunlai Chen doi

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