Salish Archipelago

Salish Archipelago

Environment and Society in the Islands Within and Adjacent to the Salish Sea

Edited by: Moshe Rapaport

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The Salish Archipelago includes more than 400 islands in the Salish Sea, an amalgamation of Canada’s Georgia Strait, the United States’ Puget Sound, and the shared Strait of Juan de Fuca. The Salish Sea and Islands are named for the Coast Salish Indigenous Peoples whose homelands extend across the region.

Holiday homes and services have in many places displaced pristine ecosystems, Indigenous communities, and historic farms. Will age-old island environments and communities withstand the forces of commodity-driven economies? This new, major scholarly undertaking provides the geographical and historical background for exploring such questions.

Salish Archipelago features sections on environment, history, society, and management, accompanied by numerous maps and other illustrations. This diverse collection offers an overview of an embattled, but resilient, region, providing knowledge and perspectives of interest to residents, educators, and policy makers.

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ISBN (print):
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Publication date:
Jun 2024
Asia-Pacific Environment Monograph 17
ANU Press
Asia-Pacific Environment Monographs
Arts & Humanities: Cultural Studies; Science: Environmental Sciences
North America: Canada, United States

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  1. Introduction (PDF, 721 KB)Moshe Rapaport with contributions by Nancy J. Turner, Richard Hebda and John R. Welch doi

Part One: Environment

  1. Weather and Climate and the Islands of the Salish Sea: Everything in Moderation, with a Few Extremes for Interest (PDF, 568 KB)Richard Hebda doi
  2. Oceanography of the Salish Sea (PDF, 1 MB)Sophia Johannessen doi
  3. Geology and Geomorphology (PDF, 1.6 MB)Steven Earle and John Clague doi
  4. Postglacial Dispersal and Ecosystem Assembly in the San Juan and Gulf Islands (PDF, 309 KB)Russel L. Barsh and Madrona Murphy doi

Part Two: History

  1. Origin Stories of the Central Salish Archipelago (PDF, 740 KB)Chris Arnett doi
  2. The Longevity of Coast Salish Presence: An Archaeological History of the Salish Sea (PDF, 712 KB)Bill Angelbeck doi
  3. Lig̱wiłda’x̱w Expansion into Northern Coast Salish Lands in the Nineteenth Century (PDF, 549 KB)Marie Mauzé doi
  4. At the Edge of the Salish Sea: The Nuu-chah-nulth and their Relatives in Broader Context (PDF, 767 KB)Alan D. McMillan doi
  5. Abundance and Resilience in the Salish Sea (PDF, 420 KB)Lissa K. Wadewitz doi

Part Three: Society

  1. Living on the Salish Sea (PDF, 770 KB)Nancy J. Turner and Joan Morris (Sellemah) doi
  2. Population: Past, Present and Future (PDF, 873 KB)Moshe Rapaport doi
  3. Indigenous Political, Linguistic and Cultural Renaissance (PDF, 765 KB)Moshe Rapaport doi
  4. Leaving Valdes, Staying Lyackson: Voices of the Indigenous Community of Valdes Island (PDF, 223 KB)Brian Thom doi
  5. Place and Self-Governance: Gabriola and the Autonomous Local (PDF, 318 KB)Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley doi

Part Four: Environmental Management

  1. Salmon and the Salish Sea: A Transboundary Approach to Salmon Recovery (PDF, 881 KB)Isobel A. Pearsall and Michael W. Schmidt doi
  2. Water: Sources, Supply and Governance (PDF, 1.3 MB)R.D. (Dan) Moore, Diana M. Allen, Oliver Brandes and Randy Christensen doi
  3. Culture Change and Conservation (PDF, 925 KB)Russel L. Barsh and Madrona Murphy doi
  4. The Absence of Island Thinking on Vancouver Island (PDF, 578 KB)Richard Kool doi
  5. Indigenous Co-management of Salish Sea Protected Areas (PDF, 907 KB)Nelly Bouevitch, Soudeh Jamshidian and John R. Welch doi

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