Tristen Jones

Tristen Jones is an archaeologist and curator based in the Department of Archaeology, School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry at the University of Sydney. Her research on Australian Indigenous and Pacific material culture collections focuses on the materiality and agency of objects, their relevance to contemporary Indigenous communities, and how collections can transform disciplinary histories. She was previously a research associate on Matthew Spriggs’ ARC Laureate Fellowship project ‘The Collective Biography of Archaeology in the Pacific: A Hidden History’ at The Australian National University.


Uncovering Pacific Pasts »

Histories of Archaeology in Oceania

Publication date: June 2022
Objects have many stories to tell. The stories of their makers and their uses. Stories of exchange, acquisition, display and interpretation. This book is a collection of essays highlighting some of the collections, and their object biographies, that were displayed in the Uncovering Pacific Pasts: Histories of Archaeology in Oceania (UPP) exhibition. The exhibition, which opened on 1 March 2020, sought to bring together both notable and relatively unknown Pacific material culture and archival collections from around the globe, displaying them simultaneously in their home institutions and linked online at Thirty‑eight collecting institutions participated in UPP, including major collecting institutions in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and the Americas, as well as collecting institutions from across the Pacific.