Lesley Woods

Lesley Woods is a Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan woman, a linguist and a PhD candidate in linguistics at The Australian National University. Lesley has had more than 20 years’ experience working ethically and collaboratively with Indigenous communities and their languages in New South Wales and Western Australia. She has a long-held interest in linguistic justice for Indigenous people. Lesley lives and works on her ngurrampaa (country), in the Central West of New South Wales.

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Something's Gotta Change »

Redefining Collaborative Linguistic Research

Authored by: Lesley Woods
Publication date: March 2023
Indigenous people are pushing back against more than 200 years of colonisation and rejecting being seen by the academy as ‘subjects’ of research. A quiet revolution is taking place among many Indigenous communities across Australia, a revolution insisting that we have control over our languages and our cultural knowledge – for our languages to be a part of our future, not our past. We are reclaiming our right to determine how linguistic research takes place in our communities and how we want to engage with the academy in the future. This book is an essential guide for non-Indigenous linguists wanting to engage more deeply with Indigenous communities and form genuinely collaborative research partnerships. It fleshes out and redefines ethical linguistic research and work with Indigenous people and communities, with application beyond linguistics. By reassessing, from an Indigenous point of view, what it means to ‘save’ an endangered language, Something’s Gotta Change shows how linguistic research can play a positive role in keeping (maintaining) or putting (reclaiming) endangered languages on our tongues.