A massive project undertaken by ANU Press and the ANU Digitisation Team has seen over 500 scholarly works, originally published by The Australian National University between 1965–1991, made available to a global audience under its open-access policy. This collection is now available below.

26th Congress of the CPSU in current political perspective »

Author/Editors: Miller, Robert F.
Publication date: 1982

The 1968 Federal redistribution »

Author/Editors: Mackerras, Malcolm
Publication date: 1969

'A world of its own' : poems by J. McAuley, Paintings by P. Giles »

Author/Editors: McAuley, James Phillip
Publication date: 1977

Aboriginal health »

Author/Editors: Moodie, P. M
Publication date: 1973

Aboriginal man and environment in Australia, »

Author/Editors: Mulvaney, Derek John
Publication date: 1971

Aborigines in the Northern Territory cattle industry »

Author/Editors: Stevens, Frank S
Publication date: 1974

The Academy reorganized : the R. & D. role of the Soviet Academy of Sciences since 1961 »

Author/Editors: Fortescue, Stephen Charles
Publication date: 1983

Adelaide Aborigines : a case study of urban life, 1966-1981 »

Author/Editors: Gale, Fay
Publication date: 1982

African rural-urban migration : the movement to Ghana's towns »

Author/Editors: Caldwell, John C.
Publication date: 1969

Agriculture: a key to the understanding of Chinese society, past and present »

Author/Editors: Wittfogel, Karl August
Publication date: 1970

Ahmedabad : a study in Indian urban history »

Author/Editors: Gillion, Kenneth L
Publication date: 1969

Alcohol in the Outback : Two studies of drinking »

Author/Editors: Brady, Maggie
Publication date: 1984

American investment in Australian industry »

Author/Editors: Brash, Donald Thomas
Publication date: 1966

Ancient Tahitian society »

Author/Editors: Oliver, Douglas L
Publication date: 1975