Submit a book

Thank you for choosing to submit your book to ANU Press. Below you will find all the necessary information for publishing your work with ANU Press, from submitting a book proposal to marketing and promoting your published work.

Your manuscript must be relevant to at least one of our editorial boards. If you are not sure which board your manuscript is most relevant to, please get in touch with ANU Press before submitting your proposal.

For an overview of the submission, production and editorial process of ANU Press, please see this video presentation by our Press manager.

Our Author Guide provides a step-by-step overview of all you need to know to publish your book through ANU Press. In this document, you will find information on submitting your book proposal, preparing your manuscript for your copyeditor, our production process, final publication and marketing.

Please make sure you download and read the Author Guide (PDF, 2.1 MB) in full before submitting your proposal to ANU Press.

To submit your manuscript to ANU Press, please download and complete the Book Proposal Form (PDF, 02.MB) and email it, along with the required documents, to ANU Press ( A representative of ANU Press will be in touch once your proposal has undergone an initial evaluation.

A properly prepared manuscript is a great advantage when submitting a proposal to ANU Press. If a manuscript is properly prepared, the Editorial Board and reviewers can focus on the content of your work rather than the small inconsistencies, errors or missing elements that might otherwise distract in an unprepared manuscript.

For information on how to prepare your manuscript for submission, please download the following factsheet:

Following the submission of your full manuscript to the relevant Editorial Board, your work will undergo a rigorous peer review. The reviewers might suggest some revisions to your manuscript before it can be accepted for publication by ANU Press. Once these revisions are done, the Editorial Board will conduct a final assessment of the work and approve it for publication.

At this point your manuscript will be ready to send to the copyeditor. All works must be edited by a professional, accredited copyeditor. ANU Press has a list of freelance copyeditors that are approved to work on its titles; please get in touch with ANU Press directly to organise a copyeditor for your work.

Ensuring your manuscript is properly prepared before sending it to the copyeditor can help reduce the time spent by the copyeditor on your document; this, in turn, can help keep the costs down.

For information on how to prepare your manuscript for the copyeditor, please download the following factsheet:

Authors must provide funds to pay for the copyediting and, if relevant, indexing of their manuscript. To assist with this cost, eligible authors can apply for a publication subsidy fund.

Once copyediting is complete, your copyeditor will send ANU Press the final draft of your book along with any illustrative material. ANU Press will only accept final manuscripts for publication from the book’s copyeditor; the manuscript should not be provided by the author, editor or third-party. This is to ensure that no changes are made to a final, copyedited manuscript without the copyeditor’s or ANU Press’ knowledge.

At this point you also will need to:

  • Provide ANU Press with a copy of all permissions obtained to reproduce any third-party copyright material in your work (ANU Press will not begin work on your book until all copyright material has been cleared).
  • Make ANU Press aware of any potential deadlines (i.e. if your book needs to be published by a certain date).
  • If an index is required, secure an indexer and make ANU Press aware of this.

Your edited manuscript is now submitted to ANU Press and has been entered into the production schedule. This final process usually takes around three to five months to complete, depending on the nature and length of the manuscript, the time of year, and the speed of author/contributor responses to proofs and queries.

The steps of the production process are as follows:

  • Stage 1 – ANU Press reviews the final manuscript to ensure all elements have been provided and are of the correct quality for conversion.
  • Stage 2 – Manuscript is typeset and designed using publishing software and a PDF proof is created.
  • Stage 3 – Book cover is designed and sent to author for approval (final approval rests with ANU Press).
  • Stage 4 – Book is listed in forthcoming titles on ANU Press website.
  • Stage 5 – ANU Press conducts an in-house proof of the manuscript and compiles any queries arising from this to be sent to the author.
  • Stage 6 – Author receives electronic proof, checks the proof and returns changes to ANU Press. Any changes are to be related to design, format and factual errors only.
  • Stage 7 – Final proof approved by author for publication.
  • Stage 8 – ANU Press prepares files for publication.
  • Stage 9 – Book is published online and paperback copies can now be ordered through our website.

ANU Press works closely with authors in the promotion of their book. ANU Press utilises digital and traditional marketing techniques to ensure books reach their desired audiences. Marketing campaigns include working with authors in preparing for book launches, seeking book reviews, distributing media releases, working with local and national media, electronic mail promotion, interviews with authors and social media campaigns.

When preparing to promote your book, authors are encouraged to collaborate with ANU Press as much as possible. ANU Press employs a part-time Marketing and Communications Coordinator who will assist with certain aspects of promoting your book. In the lead up to the launch of your book, authors are asked to complete an Author Marketing Questionnaire. The Questionnaire will assist the Marketing and Communications Coordinator to prepare an appropriate marketing campaign for you book. During this process, we ask authors to share information of target audiences, media outlets and journals that would be interested in reviewing your book.

ANU Press has a strong presence on social media and encourages authors to give interviews, share book imagery and provide content that can be used on social media platforms. Authors are also encouraged to engage with media outlets in the promotion of their book, whether this be through publishing extracts, interviews, reviews or other forms of promotion.

For academics that are imbedded in Schools or Colleges at ANU or other universities, ANU Press will collaborate with external groups to assist with the promotion of books. ANU Press can also assist with promoting book launches. The Marketing and Communications Coordinator will attend the launch and will be available to assist with running the event if desired.

For information on book promotion, please download the following factsheets: